About Us

Tracy Loves History (the name is from my history blog), my little big literary gift company, was started in September 2012.

I have been a bookseller for all of my working life. My first ever job was in a bookshop 17 years ago and I never really left! I sold books to readers and then I sold books to bookshop managers. I carried heavy suitcases through shopping centres looking like an air-hostess ...but knowing I was a Merchant of Marvels. I grew the characteristic bookseller’s arms. My eyes deteriorated to the point where I can now proudly declare that reading has left me nearly blind but filled with beautiful vision. I filled my wardrobe with clothes inspired by my favourite literary characters. (I met my bookselling husband on a Dorothy Parker dress-up day). I became a Bookseller, mightiest among men!

My bookselling comrades and I would meet for coffee, and quite often wine if I’m being honest, and we would congratulate ourselves on having the best job in the world. And then, as the industry struggles through so many changes, I became a casualty in publishers’ cutbacks. I set about preparing a mental CV and came up with a very meagre: JOB EXPERIENCE: Talking about books, smelling books, and making towers of books. QUALIFICATIONS: A+ in Reading Many Books.

The very obvious path for me to take was to use almost every penny of my children’s education fund to start making presents that I would like to receive; presents with books at their centre. Literary gifts! I could still be a Merchant of Marvels. I could still visit my beloved bookshops.

So, Tracy Loves History was born. I make gifts for Readers. I make them for me. I make them for my friends. All of the products are made in South Africa. They make me laugh. I hope they make you smile too.  

The Tracy Loves History literary gift range will be available to buy from bookshops across South Africa. Send me an e-mail if you need to find a shop near you. I’ll soon be selling online too. Stop by often. I am full of wonderful, whimsical ideas and I have an education fund to spend (and recoup!).